There are several reasons to have your estate appraised. Over your lifetime, you will gather items of value.
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There are so many advantages to owning fine antiques. They tell a unique story through their marvelous history.
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In addition to offering antique appraisals, we are also the right company to call when you have artwork that must be appraised.
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Welcome to ESC Appraisals Website

Our family owned business specializes in providing residential and corporate valuations on valuable property like art, antiques, and other prized collectibles. Our accurate valuations and reports are used for obtaining insurance on personal property, determining estate values, acquiring loans and other purposes. We are USPAP compliant (Uniform Standards for Professional Appraisal Practice), so an art appraisal from us will be accepted by probate courts, banks, legal agencies, insurance companies and the government. When you need antique appraisers to obtain insurance or sell valuable merchandise, we will provide you with an accurate appraisal. We are dedicated to helping you assure the value of your full portfolio of personal possessions.
We know that you have spent a lifetime gathering a collection of art, fine antiques, exquisite china and even rare bottles of wine. Determining the true worth can be extremely challenging because these are all items that may appreciate over the ages. If something happened to your collection, would your insurance company have everything covered? How do you know if you are dividing these wonderful assets equally between your heirs? This is why ESC Appraisals is proud to offer accurate appraisal information on all your personal property and valuable collections. Eileen R. Coccia is a member of the Appraiser’s Association of America. All information comes with a professional certification, is accepted by insurance companies and admissible by the courts as evidence of value.