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We are a family owned business in Sonoma.

About Us | ESC Appraisals - Sonoma, CA

A family owned business in Sonoma, we are happy to offer appraisal and valuation services in the Northern California Area. Eileen R. Coccia is a member of the Appraiser’s Association of America. We are experienced estate appraisers who are skilled at providing you with accurate values on all of your fine collections. When you want to know the value of a commercial warehouse or your home, you call for the services of a real estate appraiser. When you want to know what your grandmother’s sterling silver tea set from the 19th century is, you call ESC Appraisals.

We offer accurate, thorough and highly detailed appraisals that are accepted by insurance companies, courts of law and other official agencies. Our reports go into great detail regarding the age, description and value of your fine collectibles, so you can obtain the right insurance coverage. You’ve spent a lifetime collecting marvelous pieces of art or irreplaceable antiques. Trust highly experienced and detail oriented estate appraisers to provide you with accurate written valuations.

Whether you need an art appraisal to insure pieces you just bought at auction or you need your entire estate appraised for effective planning, we will provide you with the detailed and accurate information you need. Ensure that you make the right choices by becoming fully informed about the value of your collections.

Mission Statement:

To provide all our clients with excellence in personal property appraisal, valuation and consultation services; tailored to their specific needs and performed with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, ethics and discretion

“Assuring the value of your personal property portfolio”