Expert Witness Testimony & Consultation

Expert Witness Testimony & Consultation | ESC Appraisals - Sonoma, CA
If you are seeking a professional expert witness in the area of personal property valuation, ESC is your expert for the job. If there are disputes regarding asset values be it for settling a divorce, mediating any type of partnership dissolution or for a fully engaged lawsuit, ESC Appraisals has the training, expertise and live court room experience you need to assist with any legal matter.

Law firms, insurance companies, accounting practices and probate referees alike can count on ESC Appraisals to be the right expert witness on their side of the table. We can do all the valuation analysis required to help make your case, provide consultation regarding asset values and be a professional, highly credible and effective resource for depositions and actual expert witness testimony in court. When you are seeking an expert witness and consultant for personal property valuations to help you make your case, contact ESC. We deliver reliability and results. Case closed.