Professional Opinion of Value (POV)

Professional Opinion of Value (POV) | ESC Appraisals - Sonoma, CA

There are many occasions when you want to know the value of some of your personal assets because you want to possibly sell them, distribute them among family members or you are just plain curious how much your grandmother’s antique Chippendale dresser is worth. You may be suddenly faced with the loss of a parent or relative who has left behind a house full of furniture, artwork, sterling silver, porcelain china or a variety of collectibles. Which items have the most value? How do you separate them based on value? What should be earmarked for garage sales and which more valuable assets should be sold via a more discreet sales channel? It can be a daunting task and often it is a challenge to sort through a lifetime of possessions.

What is it all worth?

ESC Appraisals knows! In situations like these you really do not need or require a formal, qualified appraisal. Rather, what you DO need is what ESC calls a Professional Opinion of Value, or a POV Report. In other words, a POV is a valuation service that gives you the information and knowledge you need to make better informed decisions regarding your personal property. The process for a POV is essentially the same as with an appraisal. ESC will conduct a walk through, identifying those items of higher potential value and thereby worthy of further research and inclusion. The assets are photographed, measured and inspected.

Then, ESC produces a POV Report that clearly identifies and documents the items and assigns a fair market value range to them. The result: you get the objective knowledge you want in terms of what those assets are worth. And, ESC will also consult with you to determine the best vehicles for selling the items. The great thing about a POV is it gives you the information you need to help ease the burden and sort through the complex task of asset valuation. And the best news is that a POV is a very economical alternative to a formal appraisal. Call us to discuss your situation today.