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They tell a unique story through their marvelous history. They are usually a higher quality than modern goods, and they add a touch of class to the room that modern pieces cannot match. Beautiful, attractive and sophisticated, they also often increase in value as the years march on. The challenge with antiques is knowing what they are worth. You know how much it costs to head to the store and buy a new sofa, but what would you have to pay to replace the 19th-century fainting sofa gracing your parlor? Countless aspects of the piece affect the value, so it’s nearly impossible for you or even an insurance company to determine what the value is. However, ESC Appraisals can help you with accurate, detailed antique appraisals.

Whether the piece came down from a beloved family member or you just picked it up at an antique store, you should know the value of your purchase. It helps you set the selling price if you ever grow tired of the piece, and it provides your insurance company with a basis for coverage. An important part of your estate appraisal, you need a written valuation on the piece. We will provide you with important information concerning any unique features it has, when it was crafted, how rare it is and what condition it’s currently in. We will provide you with a detailed report stating the market value of the piece, so you can obtain the appropriate level of insurance and make informed estate planning decisions.

We are experienced estate appraisers offering appraisals on all of your fine collectibles including art, crystal, antiques and even silver. When you have spent time gathering a beautiful collection, trust us to provide you reliable information and valuations on your treasured items.

"We refer our clients to Eileen Coccia and they are always pleased with their service. In addition to being trustworthy the team at ESC Appraisals are extremely knowledgeable and professional"
-Shere Goo, Agent, State Farm Insurance Companies

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