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rom family heirlooms that have been passed down through the generations to fresh artwork painted by the latest up-and-coming artists, you can trust us to provide you with accurate valuations when you need full estate appraisals or antique appraisals. We offer appraisal services for all types of personal property ranging from sterling silver to fine art, prized collections and other valuables.

Use our services to obtain the right level of insurance and engage in effective estate planning. Trust our accuracy when you are liquidating an estate or need to report the market value for estate tax preparation. These valuables that you surround yourself with at home are an important part of your estate and portfolio. Don’t neglect these pieces by failing to get an accurate and highly detailed appraisal that can be presented to insurance companies, the courts and other agencies.

We know the value of your collection. We know how rare certain pieces are, and we know how that impacts the current selling value. We also understand that the value can change over the years and will usually rise. If your valuable possessions were lost in a natural disaster, your insurance company would have needed an accurate appraisal to get them replaced. Invest in our services today, so you will be prepared for disasters tomorrow.

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